About CFA

Our History

Canadian Firearms Academy (CFA) is a proud Canadian company located in Surrey, British Columbia since 1997. Founded by Tony Di Salvatore and supported by his son Giuseppe, CFA and its instructors have quickly become one of the most popular firearms training facilities in British Columbia and all of Western Canada. 

CFA's friendly atmosphere and concise instruction has made the process of obtaining a Canadian firearms licence or CORE certification an enjoyable and exciting experience for those new to the sport. Private instruction is also available, ranging in levels from beginning shooters to Olympic or competition training.

two men holding riffles Canadian Firearms Academy

Our Instructors

Tony Di Salvatore - Instructor at Canadian Firearms Academy

Tony Di Salvatore - With his beginnings in trapshooting at the age of nine, Tony has over 40 years of experience with firearms and is a federally certified Master Instructor of P.A.L. (formerly known as F.A.C.). He has maintained a Master Instructor Certificate since 1992 and is certified to train not only new students, but certify new instructors as well. He frequently shoots Olympic doubles with the Canadian National Team and succeeded in winning the 2009 Championship. In the past, he has won numerous national and international tournaments in P.I.T.A., A.T.A., and Olympic Trap. Tony is a lifetime member of the Vancouver Gun Club and is fiercely dedicated to improving the club, and the sport of shooting in general. Tony instructs the Canada Firearms Safety Courses, instructor courses, the C.O.R.E. Program, introduction to shooting clinics, and can also be booked for private lessons.

Giuseppe Di Salvatore - At the age of 19, Joe has achieved one of the most impressive shooting careers worldwide and has competed in numerous international competitions. In 2005 he won the Continental Championships in Puerto Rico and received a Gold Medal. In 2006 Canadian National Championships in Edmonton Alberta. In 2007 he won a bronze medal at the Pan American games and qualified for the 2008 Olympic Games. He was named Canadian Male Shooter of the Year, 3 years in a row for 2006, 2007 and 2008. In 2009 again won the Canadian Singles Olympic Trapshooting Championships in Vancouver BC. One of Joe's proudest achievements was representing Canada in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing China. Joe is a Federally certified Instructor and instructs both Canadian Firearms Safety Courses and the CORE program, as well as the shooting clinics, and specializes in private instruction for Olympic or International Trapshooting (Bunker).

Giuseppe Di Salvatore - Instructor at Canadian Firearms Academy

Firearms Training

In addition to our intro courses, CFA offers two types of training. Private training for individual shooters (or small groups) who wish to improve their shooting skills, and classroom training for students who are in need of practical knowledge and skills prior to taking of any of the Canadian Firearms Safety courses. Courses covered include:

Man holding firearm - Student of Canadian Firearms Academy studying CFSC and PAL Course Women holding firearms - Students at Canadian Firearms Academy studying CRFSC, RPAL and CORE courses
  • Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) or PAL: For "non-restricted" firearms only, it allows the licensee to possess and acquire most sporting rifles & shotguns. A Canadian Firearms Safety course manual is included with this course for studying and reference.

  • Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) or RPAL: For "restricted" firearms as well as "non-restricted", it allows the licensee to possess and acquire the same firearms as a PAL but with the addition of handguns and rifles classified as restricted. This course is a requirement for Canada Border Services candidates, security guard trainees, general law enforcement, and armoured car security. Note that this licence requires the applicant to complete both of the above-mentioned tests. 2 Canadian Firearms Safety course manuals are included for studying and reference; one for each course.

  • CORE: British Columbia's program for hunter education. This course will prepare hunters for the exams required to obtain a provincial hunting licence. It teaches skills; from wildlife identification and conservation, to hunter ethics and safety. All students will receive a CORE manual and a copy of hunting and trapping regulations to study from.

Our private services offer advanced firearm training by offering 1 on 1 (or small group) clinics in American trap, Olympic trap, skeet, sporting clays, rifle shooting, handgun shooting, and hunting techniques. All sessions are tailored to the client depending on needs and goals. Please contact us to discuss our many options and pricing.

Firearms Training Facility

Our facility is located 35 minutes drive from downtown Vancouver, and divided into two areas. The first area is a comfortable multimedia classroom with a projector for visual presentations. The second area features a simulated firing range, designed to increase confidence and provide students with safe, hands-on experiences with real firearms in a range or field setting. All firearms used by the CFA training facility have been rendered safe by deactivation to insure absolute safety and are unfireable.

Free parking is available on site.

Please contact us directly for more info.

Canadian Firearms Academy student learning how to shoot at a firearms range

our classroom